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Friday, December 15, 2006

challenge # 1

Welcome To Our first challenge!
We chose Explosion Boxes - as these have been SO popular and some people STILL haven't found the time to do one.. or worry that its "too hard" to do.
Im gonna wipe that theory out - and promise you that once you have done one you won't be able to stop - cos they are so darn coolio!
The measurements of this box have been edited from other sites - and can be found below in the instructions.
So the challenge is:
CHALLENGE: Make from scratch and fill an exploding Box -BY: 29th Dec (make before and give at christmas!!)INCLUDE: As many "bits" as you can - blooms, brads, chipboard.. make it 3D, fun and Inspirational to those you show it too!!!
Here are some step by step instructions and a slideshow to show you how...
THE BOX1: You will need a trimmer/ruler and a scorer (the old emboss tools work really well if you have one of these knocking about!) 3 sheets of bazzill, one measuring 9 x 9 inches, one 10x10 inches and one 11x11 inches. You will also need some patterned paper or card measuring 7.8 x 7.8 inches (see slide)2: First you will need to score your 9" square at 3" intervals.Always make sure you measure from each edge of the card - not from the middle.3: Now cut off the 4 edge corners to leave a cross shape (see slide)You now have your "inner" explosion.4: Now take your 10" and score at 3.3" intervals *remember to measure from each edge In - not from middle*5: Cut the four corners off leaving your cross shape. You now have your "middle" explosion6: Take your 11" square and score it at 3.6" intervals.*remember to measure from each edge In - not from middle*7: Cut the four corners off leaving your cross shape. You now have your "outer" explosion - the one you will see when the box is closed7: Glue your explosions together. - this is the base part of your box.Now for the Lid1: Take your 7.8" square - and score 2" from each edge. *see slide* You will the two inches is the "lip" of the lid. This will hold your explosions together nice and snuggly.2: once you have scored the 2" lines - score the corners diagonally (see slide)3: Pinch these corners Inwards and glue down.You now have the lid...


easy? I hope you thought so.... have some limited edition exploding box kits, there are only two of each! so If you want one grab one today! CLICK HERE


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Now Its your turn... Link back and play!!!
Welcome to our new blog. Once A month either myself or the fabulously talented Kimmy Sonksen will post an inspiration challenge.These "inspirational challenges" go LIVE Monthly on the 15th.
Myself and Kimmy will show you examples of our work to match the challenge - And sometimes.. you may be lucky enough to see guests come along and inspire you too!
Please say you'll play!The first challenge will run on Friday 15th at 9pm.
Come back -get inspired- and link us to your creations!
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