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Thursday, February 15, 2007

challenge # 3

The Purse Book:
We have decided to take a template that is usually connected with something twee and a bit fuddy=duddy and create something funky -
The purse book.
This is such a quick and easy thing to make - its perfect for an alternate to a birthday card, it even holds loose coins when closed without them falling out! (not sure if it would last a night out clubbing you disco divas stick to your glitterbags!)
If you put inserts inside you can write poems, sayings, and words of love for a mini present for the ones you love.
We decided to create them in funky paper - adding ribbon and blooms to suit.
All you will have to do is click here for template A and here for template B.

You will need to resize these templates - template A needs to be the length of an A4 page to create the size we have done, and template B needs to be around just over half an A4 page in length.
As usual we have provided the slide show for your own ease - all you have to do is,

a: Cut template A out of your patterned paper - if you have double sided, this works really really well.
b:Score your lines ready for the inside of the purse.
c: Take your contrasting sheet of card and using the template as a guide, score the lines.
d: Fold corner to corner, and repeat for the other corner
e: Pinch in both sides.
f: Pinch in all four corners
g: Fold flat. (see slide show)
h: Attach the folded inserts into inside of purse covers. front and back.
i: Decorate to taste.
j: If using one of the kits from scrappyfairy - you will now be able to use your magnet fastner to the purse. if not - using something like sticky velcro works.
k: Using the square template for measurements - you can now cut 4 inserts from the rest of the patterned paper - how good is that!!! Decorate with slushy words of love and send!
Scrappyfairy is currently selling kits for these purse books here:
the Slide:

Mine and Kimmy's take on the challenge:

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